Membership of the Committee consists of two (2) committee co-chairs, appointed members, student members, and ex officio members.  Appointed members serve a three-year term and are appointed by the Associate Dean for Medical Education.  One (1) Debriefing Chair from each of the four (4) classes will serve as student members and the other chair will serve as alternate.

Membership of the committee consists of:

  • Associate Dean for Medical Education (Co-chair)
  • Director of Program Evaluation and Student Assessment (Co-chair)
  • One course director from each of the first two years (Phase 1), nominated by the Course Directors Committee
  • One course director responsible for the Introduction to Clinical Medicine sequence
  • Director of the Collaborative Learning Groups, or designee
  • Three clinical clerkship directors (at least one of whom is a 4th year clerkship director) from Gainesville faculty (nominated by the Clerkship Directors Committee)
  • One associate clerkship director (third or fourth year) from Jacksonville faculty, nominated by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs Jacksonville
  • Additional ad hoc faculty with assessment expertise as required
  • One medical student from each of the four years (see class officers)
  • Director of Health Systems Science, or designee

Fifty percent or more of all voting members must be present for a quorum. Co-chairs may vote during all deliberations. Recommendations will be presented to the Curriculum Committee for final action.

Ex Officio members are non-voting members who have been chosen to serve on the Committee because they have knowledge and skills that are important to the function and charge of the Committee.