Evaluation of Faculty Instruction

Students provide an overall evaluation of teaching effectiveness and rate the following teaching skills: objectives and assignments, communication of ideas and information, expectations for performance, ability to assist students, respect for students, stimulation of interest, facilitation of learning, enthusiasm for subject, and encouragement of students to think independently, creatively, and critically.

Students also are encouraged to provide written feedback on strengths and to offer suggestions for improvement. The Committee on Program Evaluation and Student Assessment (CPESA) reviews student evaluations and feedback for each course and clerkship, including comments and assessments of each faculty member involved with the course/clerkship. Faculty have access to their evaluations. The chair reviews the evaluations with faculty as part of the annual review process. 

Course, clerkship directors, and the associate dean for medical education (ADME) review student evaluations of faculty teaching. Faculty meet with directors and/or ADME to provide feedback and methods to improve teaching. Specific deficits may be addressed through recommending attendance at skills building sessions offered within the college or in the university setting. Other resources include one-on-one coaching from the Society of Teaching Scholars.