The goals of Program Evaluation are to continually and systematically monitor the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the College of Medicine’s educational programs and to promote educational scholarship.

The Office for Program Evaluation provides:

  • Collaboration with Department Chairs; Course & Clerkship Directors
  • Continuous monitoring of LCME standards
  • Education program evaluations and feedback
  • Monitored equivalency at geographically separated programs
  • Provides needs assessment to COM Education Center

The Committee on Program Evaluation and Student Assessment is accountable to the Curriculum Committee and the Senior Associate Dean for Educational Affairs.  Broadly, the charge of the Committee is to oversee the way the College of Medicine addresses assessment and evaluation in the pursuit of academic excellence within the integrated curriculum. This Committee evaluates curricular quality and outcomes, monitors the overall assessment program, and conducts formal reviews of courses and clerkships. This Committee meets once each month.  The Committee is comprised of administrators, clinical and basic science educators, and students at all levels of the curriculum.

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