Course Debriefings

Regular debriefings and townhall meetings are held to elicit students’ feedback for all phases of the Medical School Curriculum.  For Phase 1 courses, a post-course debriefing meeting is held at the end of each course/organ systems module.

Each medical school class has a standing feedback committee of four students: the Academic Chair, Student Advocate and two students elected by their classmates. In addition to the members of the class feedback committee, an additional four students are randomly selected so that each debriefing is attended by at least 8 students. The students meet for a “predebriefing” meeting to go over the evaluation data (quantitative and qualitative) collected and they are also encouraged to solicit comments and suggestions from their classmates.  Based on this discussion, the students formulate the agenda for the debriefing.

This debriefing is an open discussion between students, course director(s), key faculty, and the administration with regard to content and delivery of courses including the quality of the course materials and resources and learning activities including lectures, laboratories, and team-based learning (TBL).

After the debriefing, a written summary is created and sent to the participants for any corrections or additions they might have with a deadline for response.  Once all have had an opportunity to give feedback, the minutes are posted to the class page and on the Program Evaluation web page.